Central District Missouri Music Educators Association

2013 CDMMEA Fall Meeting: Monday, August 26, 2013

Sep 3, 2013

Thank you for everyone's attendance and participation in the Central District 2013-14 kick-off dinner! Once again, we also appreciate Osage County Catering for serving our meeting dinner.

One outcome from this meeting was creating updates to the rules and regulations for our choir, band and elementary school music programs. Please review these documents from their related pages on this site.

Also, in an attempt to better our communication throughout the district we have set up a facebook group. Please look us up and request to join the group. This will be a place where you can communicate more directly with other teachers in our district. The group name is CDMMEA. We hope this will be a helpful addition to all of the teachers in our district. Have a successful fall!

Linda Krueger

Board of Directors Report: May 2013

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